May Brings New Presets and Upgrade to GPT-4o

Hello Qtandard users,

We’re excited to announce a fantastic update for May! We’ve received numerous requests for presets tailored to various businesses, and today, we’re thrilled to add these new presets, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our design and development teams.

1. Fresh New Preset Update

The new presets are designed to perfectly fit the following business websites:

  • Restaurants
  • Artists
  • Weddings
  • Personal
  • Nonprofit

Creating your website with Qtandard is now even easier. Just identify your business type during setup, and Qtandard will tailor your site to fit your business using our new presets.

For inspiration, see how these presets work in real life on our showcase page:

  1. Grapes.Gouda – For Restaurants
  2. Touch Clay – For Artists
  3. Moment – For Weddings
  4. Anne – For Personal

We will continue to provide Qtandard site designs through our showcase to deliver web design inspiration. The images used within the showcase site are courtesy of our friend Oksuro, our stock AI image site.

2. Upgraded to GPT-4o

On May 14th, OpenAI launched GPT-4o, an incredible model that can handle real-time reasoning across audio, vision, and text. We were excited to upgrade Qtandard to GPT-4o, making website creation faster and smarter for you. This upgrade means your ideas come to life quicker and more efficiently than ever.

With this upgrade, we’re happy to share that our site creation speed is now about 70% faster. This means you can build your sites faster, turning your visions into reality with ease and speed.

Thank you for your feedback and support. We look forward to seeing the amazing websites you’ll create with our new presets!

Please forward more feedback to us during beta. Your feedback is a big driving force for Qtandard and a big boost to our development.