A simple guide for crafting your ideal website

Creating your dream website with Qtandard is a breeze, especially when you know exactly what to ask for. If you’re wondering how to articulate your vision, here’s an easy guide to get you started:

Start with a clear opening

Begin your description with the phrase “Create a website for”. This straightforward start helps Qtandard understand that you’re initiating a website creation request.

Specify your website type

Clearly mention the type of business or website you need. Whether it’s a blog, portfolio, e-commerce site, or anything else, stating this upfront helps set the direction. For example:

💡 Example

  • Create a website for a web design agency.
  • Create a website for a personal blog.

Add your style preferences

Dive into details about the colors, mood, and design style you prefer. This could be anything from “minimalistic design” to “vibrant and colorful”. You can also include the desired name of your website. For instance:

💡 Example

Create a website for a web design agency, with a minimalistic design in black and white, named ‘Qtandard’.

Mention specific functions

If there’s a particular functionality you need, like a contact form, online store, or booking system, mention it. For example:

💡 Example

Create a website for a web design agency with a minimalistic design in black named ‘Qtandard’ and include a contact form for consultations.

Flexibility in description

Don’t worry about sticking too rigidly to a format. Feel free to describe your website in your own words and style. These tips are just here to help guide you, especially if you find it challenging to describe what you want.

Remember, while Qtandard strives to accommodate a wide range of functionalities, some specific requests might not be supported yet. If you’re unsure about what can be achieved, our help center is always available for guidance.

Bring your vision to life with Qtandard

With Qtandard, turning your vision into a stunning website is just a description away. Describe what you envision, and let us handle the rest, transforming your words into a digital masterpiece.

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