Hey friend! Let’s talk about the Details block. It’s like a little treasure chest on your page – closed at first, but open it, and surprise! There’s more inside. Perfect for FAQs, hiding away details about events, or just keeping things neat. Ready to dive in? Let’s roll!

How to add details block

Inserting details block is super simple.

  • Hit that ‘+’ Block Inserter and find the Details block. Or, for the fast track, type /details in a new paragraph and hit enter.

Block toolbar

Each block comes with its own set of tools, and the details block is no exception. Here’s what you’ve got.

Transform to

The ‘Transform to’ button lets you change a paragraph into other things like headings, lists, or quotes easily. You can also make your text into columns, a special quote, code, a group, preformatted text, or poetry. This button changes how your text looks so you can make your writing look just right with a simple click.

Drag & Move

Use the six-dot icon to drag your block, or the up and down arrow buttons let you move a block one position higher or lower.


The ‘Alignment’ tool lets you adjust the width of your details in the details block. Just click the icon, and a menu will pop up with options. You can align your details to none, max1200px wide, or full width. This helps you make your details look just the way you want with ease.

More Options

The More options menu represented by three vertical dots on the far right of the toolbar gives you more features such as the ability to duplicate, remove, or edit your block as HTML.

Block settings


The ‘Settings’ option allows you to set ‘Open by default’ or ‘Closed’ by toggling the setting.


The ‘Color’ option enables you to customize your block by selecting unique colors for the text in your details block.


The ‘Typography’ option allows you to adjust the font size within your details block.


The details block provides dimension settings options to add padding and margin.

Additional resources