Deleting your sites

Efficiently managing your online presence often involves removing outdated or unnecessary sites. On Qtandard, deleting your site is a straightforward process that ensures your dashboard remains uncluttered and up-to-date. Follow these steps to delete any of your Qtandard sites.

Step 1: Access site management

Start by logging into your Qtandard dashboard. Go to ‘My Page’ and select ‘Sites’ to view all the websites you have created.

Step 2: Selecting the site to delete

In your list of sites, locate the one you wish to remove. Each site will have an ‘Options’ menu next to it.

Step 3: Initiate deletion

Click the ‘Delete’ button found in the ‘Options’. This action brings up a confirmation pop-up to prevent accidental deletions.

Step 4: Confirm and delete

In the pop-up, you will be asked to type the name of the site for final verification. After confirming, click ‘Delete’ to permanently remove your site.

Remember, deletion is irreversible. Ensure that you have saved any necessary information or content from your site before proceeding with this action. Qtandard makes site management easy, giving you complete control over your digital content.