Vimeo Embed

The Vimeo Embed Block allows you to easily integrate Vimeo videos into your content. This block streamlines the process of embedding videos, enabling you to enhance your site with high-quality multimedia content from Vimeo.

💡 Note

You don’t need a Vimeo account to get started. However, not all Vimeo videos are available for embedding. If you use a URL that can’t be embedded, the block will display the message “Sorry, this content could not be embedded.” You will have two options. Try again with a different URL or convert it to a link.

How to embed a Vimeo video

  • Find the video you want on and copy the URL from the browser bar.
  • Click the ‘+’ button in the editor and select ‘Vimeo’, or simply type /vimeo and press enter.

Once the block is added, paste the Vimeo URL into the provided field and click the ‘Embed’ button to integrate the video into your site.

Block toolbar

Each block has its own set of tools for customization. Here’s what you’ll find in the Vimeo embed block toolbar.

Transform to

The ‘Transform to’ button lets you change a Vimeo embed Block into other blocks like ‘Paragraph’, ‘Columns’ or ‘Group’. This feature allows you to seamlessly adjust your layout with a simple click, ensuring your content looks just the way you want.

Drag & Move

Use the six-dot icon to drag your block, or the up and down arrow buttons let you move a block one position higher or lower.


The ‘Alignment’ tool lets you adjust the width of your Vimeo video. Simply click the icon, and a menu will appear with options. You can set your Vimeo video to no alignment, max 1200px wide, or full width. This feature helps you customize your Embed to look exactly how you want with ease. Additionally, you can align your Embed to the left, center, or right.

  • No alignment: No specific alignment applied.
  • Wide width: Increase the width of the Vimeo video the content size.
  • Full width: Extend the Vimeo video to cover the full width of the screen.
  • Align left: Make the Vimeo video left-aligned.
  • Align center: Make the Vimeo video centered.
  • Align right: Make the Vimeo video right-aligned.

Edit URL

After embedding the URL, if you want to change it, click the Vimeo video. The ‘Edit URL’ button will appear on the toolbar, allowing you to easily update the URL.

More Options

The More options menu represented by three vertical dots on the far right of the toolbar gives you more features such as the ability to duplicate, remove, or edit your block as HTML.

Block settings

Access the Vimeo embed block settings by clicking on the Vimeo embed block. The settings panel will appear on the right side, allowing you to customize your Vimeo embed block options for a tailored layout.


The Vimeo embed block provides dimension settings options to add margin for better spacing and alignment.


  • Additional CSS Class(es): The advanced tab lets you add a CSS class to your block, allowing you to write custom CSS and style the block as you see fit.
  • Block Name: Assign a unique identifier to your Embed Block for easier management and customization.

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