More rich text options

The ‘More options’ menu in the Rich Text toolbar offers extra ways to make your text stand out. Here’s a simple breakdown of what each option does.


Using the Footnote feature lets you add handy notes within your text. These notes link to a special section at the bottom of your page, where you can dive into details. Don’t worry about linking because it’s all taken care of automatically for you.


Use this feature to change the color of your selected text and its background, drawing attention to key points.

Inline code

Ideal for displaying code snippets right within your text, this option ensures the code is shown as is, without being executed.

Inline image

Easily insert an image into your text from your media library, with the flexibility to set its size to your preference.

Keyboard input

his option wraps selected text in a <kbd> tag, indicating keyboard input.


Specify the language for selected text segments using their language codes (such as ‘es’ for Spanish, ‘en’ for English), and set the text direction (Left to Right or Right to Left).


Adds a line through text, useful for indicating deletions or changes.


Lower text below the baseline, perfect for chemical formulas or annotative information.


Raise text above the main line, commonly used for ordinal numbers (e.g., 1st) or mathematical powers.